Summer 2017 Fashion – Latest Trends for Women to Beat the Heat!


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With the advent of the hot, humid and burning summer days, if you are worried and wondering what to put on and what not, you are in the right place. This summer update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends to dress cool, be it any time of the day or night.   Here are the trendy yet comfortable outfits that you need to include in your closet in this hottest season of the year. Check out this list of what is in vogue now:

Crop tops

The most welcomed style of the year was the crop tops that won hearts of the fashionistas. This midriff-baring tops suit anyone and everyone and help in accentuating your waist. To make it stand out elegantly, team it up with a pair of high waist denims or shorts.crop-topsbuy-now-button

Refrigerator pants

As the name suggests, this pant is ideal to be worn during the hot summer months as these provide ease and comfort. The pants are thin and light, made up of polyester fabrics which are wrinkle-free. These are airy, comfortable and don’t cling onto the body thus giving a free feel even during the heavy sweat condition.Refrigerator_pants

Maxi dresses

The Bohemian maxi dress is not just considered to be versatile but also very comfortable to wear during the summer. The full length dress makes a lady look even more graceful and fashionable. A girl or women of any body type can try wearing this maxi dress or the maxi skirt with a sleeveless top. You can fill your wardrobe by purchasing these with Ebay coupons.MaxiDresses

Wide legged pants

This particular fashion trend has overtaken the trend of the palazzos.  Wearing this lower half helps in highlighting your look to a great extent. Pair it up with a well-fitted top to keep the look simple and sober. It helps in unobstructed passage of air thus keeping your lower portion sweat and rash-free.Wide_legged_pants

Ruffled lines

A surprise in fashion this hot season is the coming back of ruffles in to the scene. These are quite in vogue this summer. Experiment with a lower neckline and something that has got a lot of ruffles. Be it a dress, a top or a shirt, ruffles have successfully made a bold statement each and every time.Ruffled_lines

Printed shorts

Buy a pair of bright and vibrant coloured printed shorts and team it up with a solid colour blouse to experience great comfort while being under the sun. Shorts have been in fashion since a long time and will continue to do so because of the high level of comfort that it provides to the wearer.shorts-summer-2016-trends

Backless dresses

Dresses itself are sophisticated pieces of fabric that speak louder than words. The introduction of the backless dresses this season is sure to be one of the top trends, that shouldn’t be missed out on. The backless dress seems to be quite of a business at the front and    party right in the back.Backless_dresses

So what are you waiting for? With so many options to choose from, get yourself the best summer outfit right now with Jabong coupons and say ‘goodbye’ to the hot summer conditions!

India is a Shoppers Paradise


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India is indeed a paradise for shopaholics given its abundant availability of items. You just can’t get enough of this destination and the combination of shopping benefits that this country offers. From an unbelievable variety of branded and quality items, both factory-produced and hand-made that are temptingly low priced, this country dares to challenge its higher priced competitors in its quality of items, quantity that is aplenty and reasonable cost. Be it pashmina shawls, silver and gold jewelry, Arts and Crafts and handicraft products, you are offered with a royal spread of items that will spoil you for choice. To this effect, the online shopping trend has just added to the spectrum of shopping choice for consumers and with discounts on the offer such as Myntra Discount coupons and those offered by similar web portals, one is perpetually tempted.


India offers many products to choose from but the top few ones that a visitor should buy in India are as such- India is famed for its silk and cotton clothing that are available in the form of bed sheets, bed covers, curtains, table cloths and much more. These are retailed at a lower cost at e-Com websites alike. As mentioned above, you can use Jabong coupon, Snapdeal coupons or Myntra coupons on their respective websites and enjoy sale prices. However, if you are one of such people that enjoy the traditional shopping method, then it is best to hit the streets.


The other top item to buy in India is Jewelry. Yes, the bigger, brighter and more ornate ones. The country offers an incredible variety of certified platinum, gold and silver to costume jewelry that you can buy at reasonable rates. And to add to your collection, you can purchase similar items online using Pepperfry coupons, Snapdeal, Zovi, Myntra coupon codes etc. and enjoy the sale price benefits. Such online India stores help you choose from a myriad of colourful jewelry that are extremely inexpensive and to wear and to play with your attire.


Pashmina Shawls are a hot favourite among tourists due to the type of cashmere wool used. The wool is derived from pashmina goats that breed in the Himalayas and hence are costly. Therefore if you are being offered one for around INR 600 to INR 1000, then it’s probably a blend. This does not mean that such shawls are not beautiful. In fact, you can confidently purchase those for your friends if they are looking at something reasonably priced and yet effective.


Besides the aforementioned products, you can choose from an array of shoes, ranging from inexpensive traditional leather-made embroidered slippers to high-heeled stilettoes and crystal-beaded sandals. Shopping for shoes in India can be fun and frivolous and very tempting indeed. Similarly, scented products made from natural extracts of flowers, barks, spices and herbs used since ancient times are a great buy. Tea, Arts and Crafts and Ayurveda products are also a great buy for tourist especially looking for something traditional and authentic to carry back home.

Christmas sales – Online shopping bonanza


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Each one of use would vividly recall our first time purchase and especially one that is done though an online portal. Sitting in your office at your workplace and thinking that you really needed to get a gift for a friend’s birthday and at the same time not wanting to trawl through one shop after another to find something suitable and end up wasting time and effort and this is what triggered by addition for online shopping. I did get acquainted with discount coupons that were being offered when I was in India on an on-the-job training span. Snapdeal, Myntra discount coupon and Naaptol coupon codes were just a few of the many that I used and did enjoy benefits in manifold.

Christmas Sale PosterMy personal experience of shopping online was in the year 1999. It was then that the Internet boom had just hit Australia and a string of new online stores were rapidly opening virtual doors to consumers. Hence, I decided to try one out to experience the online shopping fever. The online stores were just a few at that time and these have since grown to be one of the standout online retailers in the country. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of goods in the offer and excellent service that I had received as a customer. Soon, I saw myself buying groceries online and getting them delivered to my doorstep ever so conveniently.


When I was in India, as an expat, I was grateful to find an escape from the temptation of online shopping and my growing addiction to having items delivered at my home without much effort from my part. Yet, when I settled into life in India, I came to really miss the convenience of it. Moreover, the benefit of using Ebay, Naaptol, Flipkart discount coupons did get the better of me. The addiction to shopping online can be partly attributed to my personal shopping experience in India, which is usually not a peaceable one. I dread overeager shop owners who act more like stalkers. They’d follow me through most of the stores forcing products onto me that I have no interest in whatsoever. Yes, I did find that overwhelming and fending them off is a tiresome activity.


Fortunately, over the last few years, with the emergence of online stores in India, my confidence to truly enjoy shopping has revived. Today consumers find the thrill in shopping online owing to fabulous deals aligned with each product or category. Naaptol, Jabong, Myntra or Ebay India coupons and deals make their way into online stores in India ever so conveniently and also act as luring factors for most Indian consumers. E-Com owners have also found a way to tackle Indian consumers who are hesitant and reluctant to trust online shops with the addition of Cash-On-Delivery (COD) as an option and this has instilled the much needed confidence among Indian consumers. To top this, free shipping facility also adds to the online shopping delight of avid shoppers.