Christmas sales – Online shopping bonanza


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Each one of use would vividly recall our first time purchase and especially one that is done though an online portal. Sitting in your office at your workplace and thinking that you really needed to get a gift for a friend’s birthday and at the same time not wanting to trawl through one shop after another to find something suitable and end up wasting time and effort and this is what triggered by addition for online shopping. I did get acquainted with discount coupons that were being offered when I was in India on an on-the-job training span. Snapdeal, Myntra discount coupon and Naaptol coupon codes were just a few of the many that I used and did enjoy benefits in manifold.

Christmas Sale PosterMy personal experience of shopping online was in the year 1999. It was then that the Internet boom had just hit Australia and a string of new online stores were rapidly opening virtual doors to consumers. Hence, I decided to try one out to experience the online shopping fever. The online stores were just a few at that time and these have since grown to be one of the standout online retailers in the country. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of goods in the offer and excellent service that I had received as a customer. Soon, I saw myself buying groceries online and getting them delivered to my doorstep ever so conveniently.


When I was in India, as an expat, I was grateful to find an escape from the temptation of online shopping and my growing addiction to having items delivered at my home without much effort from my part. Yet, when I settled into life in India, I came to really miss the convenience of it. Moreover, the benefit of using Ebay, Naaptol, Flipkart discount coupons did get the better of me. The addiction to shopping online can be partly attributed to my personal shopping experience in India, which is usually not a peaceable one. I dread overeager shop owners who act more like stalkers. They’d follow me through most of the stores forcing products onto me that I have no interest in whatsoever. Yes, I did find that overwhelming and fending them off is a tiresome activity.


Fortunately, over the last few years, with the emergence of online stores in India, my confidence to truly enjoy shopping has revived. Today consumers find the thrill in shopping online owing to fabulous deals aligned with each product or category. Naaptol, Jabong, Myntra or Ebay India coupons and deals make their way into online stores in India ever so conveniently and also act as luring factors for most Indian consumers. E-Com owners have also found a way to tackle Indian consumers who are hesitant and reluctant to trust online shops with the addition of Cash-On-Delivery (COD) as an option and this has instilled the much needed confidence among Indian consumers. To top this, free shipping facility also adds to the online shopping delight of avid shoppers.